The Equalizer II *** (Out of 4)

Consensus: The first “Equalizer” was a lean, red blooded action thriller with excellent performances and an engaging story. The sequel has a lot that I liked but is just a bit more forced. Denzel is in top form which is nothing new. It’s the plot that is sort of disorganized and at times forced. The first half of the flick follows Denzel as a sort of super hero everyman. He helps and rescues innocent people and at times exacts brutal revenge their behalf. To be honest I could watch a whole 2 hour movie of Denzel sorting out complicated situations and beating down thugs and douche bags. It’s the second half of the movie where Denzel solves a murder mystery that seems half baked. The final showdown takes place during a hurricane for no real reason that I could see other than spending the budget on unnecessary visual effects.