Rampage **1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “Rampage” is big, goofy, loud and stupid. The plot exists solely to create building sized cgi monsters to battle each other and level cities. The characters are all saddled with formulaic motivations and back stories. I can’t really recommend this but so didn’t outright hate it either.


Tomb Raider (2018) ** (Out of 4)

Consensus: The new “Tomb Raider” is painfully generic and underwritten. It is an adventure film that has been cobbled together from parts of better movies. There isn’t much tomb raiding going on either. Just a series of boring fights and shoot outs.

Ant-Man And The Wasp *** (Out of 4)

Consensus: The first “Ant-Man” was a fun Marvel flick that just could not break out of the constraints of the origin story. The sequel is another fun adventure that basically tells a stand alone story and doesn’t have many connections to the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. The addition of the Wasp played by Evangeline Lily is a refreshing one as well. What didn’t work so much for me was the underwritten villains and the somewhat sporadic story.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is a giant mess of a movie. The first half of the movie sets up a promising story about humans making the choice to save dinosaurs from extinction. The second half of this movie takes a complete left turn into utter stupidity. The actors do their best but almost all of their dialogue is pure exposition and boring plot speak. The action is mostly made up of murky, CGI monsters chasing people through a mansion. What a disappointment this movie is.

The Incredibles 2 **** (Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Incredibles 2” is a towering achievement in animated filmmaking and for super hero movies in general. It isn’t as good as the first movie in the franchise but it comes damn close. The visuals, sets and animation are all just stunning. The move itself is a wonderfully comedic adventure full of eye popping action and invention. This is another winner from Pixar.